Monday, 29 June 2009

I had some interesting news last week......but that's all I'm saying at the moment, ha, ha :)

We also had some lovely days out walking. Boy, am I unfit. Even my toes ached! But it was very exhilarating and even the weather was good

Spent the weekend trying to make something, anything but I seem to have lost all ability. Nothing would work out. If I hadn't been on my own on Saturday I would have had a major tantrum but there didn't seem much point without an audience :) Then I had a dream about a pair of monster earrings. They were worn by an old peasant lady in probably Tudor times (just a guess as I'm not an expert on "olden times" costumes!) . She kept shaking her head and didn't seem very happy. They were just a simple shape formed from silver wire but I had a go yesterday afternoon and they came out exactly as I imagined - weird!

I've sent off for a new tool - an earwire shaper. I didn't even know such a thing existed!
I know, I know it's totally extravagant but earwires are my bugbear and they take me SO long.
It's coming from the US by the cheapest method possible so it may be some time.

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  1. Hello did you get the ear wire shaper from the US? was it worth it? I ahve been looking to source one.


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