Monday, 22 June 2009

Rejected Again!

I keep receiving lovely comments about my jewellery and being told to approach some galleries.
I did approach a shop a few weeks ago and got a big fat brush off. I did learn the classic phrase "unique handwriting" though and it still tickles me now :)

We were in Harrogate today so, wearing my jewellery, I went into one gallery to ask about their submissions policy. Apparently, they only take pieces via a particular publisher/agent - didn't even catch the name. A second gallery was closed despite saying on the website that it would be open.
Not exactly an encouraging start! Actually, I'm totally fed up and I think someone's trying to tell me something - DON'T BOTHER!
It's a good job I'm not too proud - broadcasting my failures like this :)

Had a lovely day yesterday though. Met up with my folks in York and the sun was even shining.
I'm not very good about keeping in touch - must make more of an effort.

Richard's got a few days off so we'll be out and about in the fresh air this week......hopefully.


  1. Oh Lesley dont be down hearted. I too got turned down by a gallery, got a message via his shop girl but when I saw the owner he said that he meant not now but to definitely come back towards the end of the year. Your work is beautiful and they are fools if they dont want to showcase you!


  2. Aaahhh, thanks for the support, Fiona. It's just my big fat ego that's wounded :)

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