Sunday, 2 August 2009

All tuckered out

I seem to have spent the last 48 hours peering at my monitor - editing photos and updating my website. This is the part of now being a business that I hate and with my not very new computer and a frustratingly slow broadband connection it doesn't get any easier. Seriously, I nearly threw the monitor out of the window last night! Calmed down a bit now :) Here's a couple of my latest listings. The beads are by Lorna at Pixie Willow Designs and I just love the colour. So fresh and vibrant! Many more new pieces can be seen on my website at and on Etsy Inspiration had been thin on the ground up until a few weeks ago but I now feel refreshed and invigorated. I think I might try out some angular industrial style silver pieces next - don't feel in a pretty mood any more. I signed up to a directory a few weeks ago - your website is listed according to how many hits in and out that you get during a particular week. They've obviously just re-started the listings for this week 'cos I'm currently at No.1! I know it doesn't mean anything but of course I've had to copy the page - it might never happen again :) You can see it here amethystjewellery.gotop100 (well it's probably changed by the time you read this!) So I'm quite perked up now which means that something disastrous is just about to happen. Oh yes, that's the way my mind works. Richard's cooking me a sausage (veggie) at the moment. Only he manages to get it that degree of burnt that I like.......mmmmm! I have beer chilling - that's quite inspiring. Toodle pip....


  1. lovely Jewels....
    I burnt the pizza last night :(
    out visiting today

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